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Gas Fryer

Gas Fryer Gas Fryer

The advantages features of gas fryer: the design technique of independent burner and it has advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection. The penetrating power of far infrared is strong, the fire's temperature is uniform and it has a long service life. The left and right sides of the structure of stainless steel control the fire alone. It stops producing the lampblack and flying smoke, which is very environmentally friendly. It is an imported heating system which can ensure heat control. It has high heat efficiency and it is convenient and quick, which is economical and practical. When the equipment reaches the preset temperature, the burner will cut off the air supply to stop burning, then going into temperature with constant state. When the temperature is lower than the present one, the automatic temperature control machine will star up automatically and the burner will ignite to be heated again. It is multifunctional including energy—saving mute, easy operation, automatic ignition, automatic temperature control and flameout fault alarm. This product is exquisite and has excellent quality. No power is needed and all it wants is two 3V batteries to be as an ignition source which can be used with liquefied gas. It has wide applicable range, with which can make food like fried chicken, chicken wings, sausage, mutton, fish, cake, French fries and potato chips, etc. The food smells good, tastes delicious which can be sold in canteen, dry canteen and venues selling street food. The electric heating fryer is designed by absorbing the advantages of same products at home and abroad, which has the features including new style, rational structure, handy operation and fast speed for temperature going up. It is the specific device for fast food restaurants. When cleaning and keeping it, we should cut off the electric source in case of accidents happening. After using it, we should use the wet towel without any corrosive cleaner to clean the surface of pot body and the outside surface of outgoing line. It is strictly prohibited from washing the surface of electrical box directly so as not to destroy electric properties.
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