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Functional Features Of Automatic Coffee Machine

Functional Features Of Automatic Coffee Machine Functional Features Of Automatic Coffee Machine

Introduction to the function of automatically coffee machine

To satisfy the automatic heating, making coffee, coffee machine adding water, coffee washing machines can be done automatically, the designer of the coffee machine has designed a fully automatic coffee machine, which adds many more functions to the normal coffee machine. The general automatic coffee machine includes the following functions:

Program settings: For a fully automatic coffee machine, the program settings are roughly the same, for example, cup volume control, temperature control, pre-grinding function, coffee bean dosage adjustment, preset function and so on.

Cleaning function: The parts of the automatic coffee machine are detachable and you can remove the detachable parts for cleaning after use. The part of coffee machine that can't be disassembled is cleaned by itself.

Heating system: Automatic coffee machine uses thermal resistive plate and heating unit for heating, it usually takes less than a minute from brewing temperature to the heating temperature, some automatic coffee machines have two heating systems, which has the advantage of reducing your waiting time.

Digital intelligent control: The automatic coffee machine uses the digital intelligent control and the LCD screen of the coffee machine can display the working status at any time. The digital display will show what the coffee machine is ready to do or what it is doing, you can make coffee according to the instructions.

Characteristics of automatic coffee machine

Relying on high-performance electronic technology and programs, as well as intelligent automatic control, the entire process from automatically grinding of beans to output of coffee can be realized. Compared to automatic domestic, the sustainable manufacturing performance of the machine has been greatly improved( Output coffee throughput is up to 50-300 cups of coffee and 300 cups of hot water per hour). The output items are more, including fancy coffee such as convenient cappuccino, the output is extremely stable. It can realize the coffee supply for the huge demand of concentrated period, (such as coffee supply for breakfast in the hotel), and it also is widely used in the star hotels or megastores.

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