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Fast-Food Restaurants Equipment And Supplies

Fast-Food Restaurants Equipment And Supplies Fast-Food Restaurants Equipment And Supplies

Fast-food restaurants mean that the food is served soon after the meal is ordered. And the service is kept to a minimum level. Guests do not necessarily eat food quickly. Often the food served in these restaurants is called fast food.

The furnishings of fast-food restaurants should not only be beautiful but also be practical. It can not be easily arranged and stacked at random. All kinds of decorative articles are different from each other because of their dining environment. The decoration of the dining room in the kitchen should be coordinated with the facilities in the kitchen; The decoration of the dining room in the living room should be unified with the function and style of the living room. If the restaurant is independent, it can be designed more easily and romantically according to the overall pattern of the room. Relatively speaking, When it comes to decorating an independent restaurant, it has greater freedom. To be specific, the soft decoration in the dining room, such as tablecloth, napkin and curtains, is suggested that you should choose the thinner chemical fiber material as possible, because the thick cotton textile fabric is easy to absorb the smell of food and is not easy to disperse, which is not conducive to restaurants’environmental hygiene. Flowers can play a role in regulating psychology and beautifying the environment, but you should avoid brightly-colored flowers, which makes people fidgety and affects their appetite. For example, at a dinner in a dim light, a dark red, blue or purple vase may make people feel steady. It will appear enthusiastic and unrestrained when used in a luncheon. White or pink flowers can be used for a dinner to appear bright and make people excited. The vase and flowers should be fit with the shape of the dining table. In a rectangular dining table, the vase and flowers is better to form a triangle;while for a roundtable, it is better to form a round shape. It should be noted that the dining room is mainly for tasting delicious dishes, so the flavor of the food cannot be disturbed. Shinelong suggests that the space in the dining room should also be in the form of vertical afforesting. In the vertical space, it should be decorated with green plants in the form of vertical hanging or hanging carbon. The lamp shape should not be too cumbersome to facilitate practical up - and - down pulling lamps. Sometimes you also can use the light hole, through the soft light, not only limiting the space, but also obtaining the light feeling. In the hidden corner, it is preferable to arrange a sound box. A soft and tender background music in dinner can promote the secretion of digestive enzymes in the human body, help the peristaltic movement of the stomach, and facilitate the digestion of food. Other soft ornaments, such as calligraphy and painting, porcelain dish, wall hanging, etc., can be flexibly arranged according to the specific circumstances of the restaurant to embellish the environment, but it should be noted that a minor issue can not take precedence over a major one, so as not to show a chaotic restaurant.

What are some of the simple items in the fast-food restaurants? Fast food restaurant equipment includes disinfection, electric cooker, freezer and ice machine. Kitchen utensils include range hood, stove, gas stove, workbench (chopping table, charging table), storage rack, honeycomb stove, steaming stove, soup bucket, frying pan, pot shovel, frying stove, beverage machine, oil filter truck, three in one workbench. Other supplies include vector basin, storage rack, desk board, kitchen knife, rinsing pool (for washing dishes and bowls) and so on.

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