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Electric Bain Marie

Electric Bain Marie Electric Bain Marie

Introduction of electric Bain Marie:

With all stainless steel material, evenly heated, double - cylinder insulated soup basin, lasting heat preservation. Automatic constant temperature device, safe and reliable, free adjustment of space structure. Our company has a reasonable price of heat preservation soup, which has been recognized by customers in the food industry. It is a necessary equipment for supermarkets, hotels or restaurants.

Characteristics of electric Bain Marie:

1. The new style of warm soup basin is novel and unique, and the overall structure is safe and reasonable. The preferential operation of the heat preservation soup basin is convenient and beautiful.
2. The heat preservation soup basin is characterized by the appearance of beautiful shape, and the performance of warm soup. It is of high efficacy, reasonable and so on.
3. The structure of warm soup pond is simple, economical and practical, with good thermal insulation effect, and it is used for heating storage and heat preservation of soup, food, etc.
4. The product looks beautiful, the heat is uniform, the lasting insulation effect is very good, and the glass soup pool can be ornamental.
5. With high efficient heating and thermal insulation system, making the making process easy and fast.

Precautions for electric Bain Marie:

  • The equipment should be kept in a stable place.
  • The user shall have a fixed power supply line near the equipment and shall be equipped with a full pole disconnecting device and a leakage protection switch with a contact opening distance of up to 3mm. Don't stack sundries before switching to make safe operation.
  • The supply voltage used in this equipment must be consistent with the supply voltage of the product nameplate, and the voltage fluctuation of the power supply shall be ±10%.
  • The ground line of the equipment (yellow and green line) and the power line shall be introduced together. The ground line shall be reliably connected with the ground wire that meets the safety performance in the fixed power supply line to ensure the safety of electricity.
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