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Conversation With Shinelong Vietnam Branch

Conversation With Shinelong Vietnam Branch Conversation With Shinelong Vietnam Branch

SHINELONG opened an online interview.Now here is the conversation between Lean (hereinafter referred to as L)and the interviewer Anneie(hereinafter referred to as A).Let us review the business cooperation process.

A: Hello, Lean. Nice to see you online.l am Annie.Thank you for accepting the interview.
L: Hello, Annie.Nice to see you.It's my pleasure.

A: So when did you begin to cooperate with SHINELONG? How did you find them at that time?
L: In 2010, I became to cooperate with SHINELONG. At first, I searched them on Alibaba, and then they told me they have a  website, I could look up on their course, now it is more convenient for clients to check price and  details on their on-line shopping mall

A: Why did you order from SHINELONG? What's the reason you decide to give your first orders above 60000 USD to them?
L: SHINELONG offered me a reasonable price and good service.I came to China, they showed me their production line and showroom.I  was satisfied with them. And now we cooperate more than 2 years, they always offer me professional and kind service. The fact proved that decision was right.

A: In long-term cooperation, what's  features that you admire SHINELONG for?What makes you feel satisfied and what's the insufficient?
L: Of course, the price is reasonable with the market, also the quality is good enough.The package are good, carton box inside and packing wooden crate or plywood box outside. But sometimes the goods still be broken in transport. I gave feedback and advice to the after-sales services, so now the package is much firmer and stronger, and products are seldom damaged during the transportation to Vietnam.

A: Why did you want to be an agent of SHINELONG?Any supports SHINELONG supplied?

L: Because , at first I trust SHINELONG.We have a good business relationship during cooperation.Secondly, they offer us good and competitive price in Vietnam market.Thirdly, they give me many helpful ideas.SHINELONG quote me widely range products with high efficiency.They grow up with the client, with me.

A: What's your opinion about the rapid growth of SHINELONG in recently years?At beginning of cooperation, have you ever expected his mushroom growth in kitchen and hotel equipment?

L: I think, it is a good thing.At beginning of our cooperation, I expected his rapid growth.Because SHINELONG can catch the clients' requirements.The director Jean is a wise and kindly man, now we become good friends.And I hope we can grow up  together.

A: For the cooperation between you and SHINELONG, what can SHINELONG do for you?
L: I hope SHINELONG keep trusting me at any time, like that trust them.Also, offer me the best price and stronger technical support.

A: Do you have any wishes for the future of SHINELONG?
L: I wish SHINELONG will be more successful, win the wider market, win more orders, win more clients appreciation.Of course, we can continue our win-win cooperation.

A: OK, thank you very much for the interview again, and I wish you gain an outstanding achievement in the future.

L: Thank you.

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