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Common Sense and Cautions in Pastry Display Cabinet

Common Sense and Cautions in Pastry Display Cabinet Common Sense and Cautions in Pastry Display Cabinet

What are the common sense and some cautions in the pastry display cabinet? Today, I'm going to explain to you the knowledge of common sense and matters needing attention in this area. Common sense of the use of pastry display cabinet 1. The cake display cabinet should be kept in a cool and ventilated place first, avoiding direct sunlight and keeping away from the heat source. Because the pastry display cabinet will increase the power consumption of the equipment if the temperature of the surrounding environment is relatively high, and put it in a cool and ventilated place, mainly for the purpose of good heat dissipation. 2. The pastry display cabinet shall not store flammable, volatile chemicals (as should be known), odorous, corrosive, and preservative (e.g. fish, acid-base, vegetable, fruit, etc.) should be sealed with plastic film or other packaging materials and stored in the pastry. 3. The opening time of the cake display cabinet should be short, with fewer times, and the opening Angle should be moderate. When opening the door, because of the cold and hot air,it will produce convection phenomenon. The cold air is lost, thereby increasing the power consumption. 4. There is a gap between pastries and pastries so that the cold air is convective and the temperature is uniform. 5. The surface of the compressor and condenser should be cleaned frequently, and the more dust and heat dissipation, the greater the power consumption. When cleaning, remember to unplug the power and wipe with a damp cloth.
Notes for pastry display cabinet. 1. The cake display cabinet compressor can't be started immediately after shutdown. Because the suction side and the exhaust side still have low pressure. If starting immediately, compressor piston pressure increases, which is very likely to burn the motor. In case of power failure, unplug or turn off the power. Temporary power outages also take three to five minutes to restart. 2. The cake display cabinet should be cleaned once after using six months. It can be cleaned by vacuum cleaner or soapy water, but after washing, it must be reinstalled after drying. 3. When cleaning in the display cabinet, the cake should be stored in another fresh area, or the cake will be removed and then cleaned.

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