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Commercial Fryer

Commercial Fryer Commercial Fryer

Commercial fryer adopts steels with high quality, which can fry many snacks like fried chicken legs, chicken wings, squids, sausages, French fries, hamburgers, chicken strips, Stinky tofu, etc. It has small size so it is suitable to process the fried food to sell and be used in fast food restaurants, bars, disco bars, hotels, guesthouses as well as markets, business streets, stations, schools and amusement parks.

When cleaning and maintaining the commercial fryer, we should cut off the electric source in case of any accidents. After using it, we can use wet towels with no-corrosive cleaners to clean the surface of the pot and the outside surface of outgoing line. It is strictly banned to wash the surface gearbox directly with water in order not to destroy electric property.

According to the functional design, the commercial fryer can be divided as common ones and luxurious ones. Actually, their effects are the same but cartridge heaters are different. The common commercial fryer is ordinary of its heating tubes which are just like those of water heater. However, the luxurious commercial fryer varies whose is copper pie and can be more durable. Also, its appearance is more top-grade than the common type but of course, the price is higher. It is suggested that the hotels choose to purchase the luxurious type which will be more economical.

The small-scale commercial fryer can be applied both for business and household. And you can make fried food at home. The small-scale commercial fryer is better and more durable than other household fryers. To master the matters needing attention can help you pick up the most suitable and the most valuable commercial fryer for you. It is beneficial to you both from economic persepective and the persepective of work efficiency.

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