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Classification of Pressure Cookers

Classification of Pressure Cookers Classification of Pressure Cookers

1. From the energy point of view, it can be divided into ordinary energy pressure cooker and electric pressure cooker.
2. In terms of raw materials, it can be divided into two kinds: aluminium alloy and stainless steel. Aluminum alloy is more affordable, surface oxide layer avoid damage, cold water can be used for rapid cooling, stainless steel corrosion resistance.
3. From the capacity specifications, it can be divided into 18, 20, 22, 24, 26 cm models. But in terms of thermal efficiency, you'd rather choose a bigger one.
4. In terms of pressure generation, it can be divided into 70 KPa (170 KPa), 80 KPa (180 KPa) and 90 KPa (190 KPa). Nutrition damage caused by high working pressure is also greater.
Precautions for use of pressure cooker
1. Before use, be sure to check the air pressure of the pressure limiting valve of the lid carefully and whether the safety valve is in good condition.
2. Ensure that the amount of food does not exceed 4/5 of the pot capacity. If there is too much food, the food in the pot will most likely clog the vent hole and the safety valve when it is boiling and boiling, resulting in an accident.
3. Correctly cover and add valve at the right time. When capping, the upper and lower handles must be completely coincident. After the pan is fired, the steam is sprayed from the vent hole, thereby proving that the vent hole is not blocked, and then the pressure limiting valve is buckled. When the steam in the pot is opened, the pressure limiting valve should reduce the firepower, and keep the pressure limiting valve slightly. Bounce the exhaust. Avoid excessive firepower and cause the soup in the pot to boil and vent the vent.
4. Open the lid after the pressure in the pot is completely released. After the food is cooked, the lid must be opened after the pressure in the pot is completely released. The pressure (gas) in the pot can be released as soon as possible by natural cooling or by rinsing with cold water.
5. Ensure that the sealing rubber ring and safety plug are intact. The pressure cooker should be cleaned after use and should be kept dry. The lid should be placed on the pot. Aging sealing rubber rings and safety plugs must be replaced in time to ensure efficiency and safe use.
Method of preventing explosion of pressure cooker
1. After the capping, do not add a pressure limiting valve. After the cooling air in the pan is heated, the upper limit is timely.
2. The pressure cooker generally has a service life of 8 years, and must not be served in excess;
3. When using the pressure cooker for the first time, you must read the instruction manual of the pressure cooker, and must do it according to the instructions.
4. When using, carefully check whether the vent hole is unblocked, whether the hole under the safety seat is left, or whether the rice or other food remains.
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