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Classification of Coffee Machines

Classification of Coffee Machines Classification of Coffee Machines

At present, coffee machines can be divided into automatic coffee machines and semi-automatic coffee machines:


The so-called semi-automatic coffee machine is the handle machine, which is a traditional coffee machine in Italy. This machine can be operated by manual operation: grinding, pressing, loading, brewing, manual removal of residue and so on.  Advantages: the machine is simple in structure, reliable in work, easy in maintenance, and can produce high quality Italian coffee according to the correct use method.  Disadvantages: operators have to be trained to make high-quality coffee with this machine.  (But if you can make a delicious cup of coffee by hand, it's a spiritual pleasure.)

Full automatic:

For a fully automatic coffee machine, however, it's just the application of electronic technology to the coffee machine. It also realizes automatic control of preheating, cleaning, grinding, pressing, brewing and purging of coffee. However, the high quality automatic coffee machines are made in strict accordance with the most scientific data and procedures, and are equipped with perfect protection system, which is convenient to use. However, it is precisely because of such an advantage that people are loved and sought after.  At present, the manufacturer of fully automatic coffee machines mainly produces in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and other countries. At the same time, they all have their own local characteristics. For example, the fully automatic coffee machine made in Switzerland may be more convenient in design and have a strong visual impact. The fully automatic coffee machines made in Italy are usually simple in appearance, stable in quality and famous in the international coffee machine world.

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