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Chicken Processing Machine

Chicken Processing Machine Chicken Processing Machine

Large commercial curing machine is also known as meat flavor mixer and meat rolling machine. The marinade has a circular arc and unique design so that the marinade is evenly distributed and no damage to the surface of the product so that the product's tenderness and appearance can be improved. It is in the vacuum state, using the principle of physical impact, let the meat roll up and down in the roller, impact each other, strike and strike, so as to achieve the pickling effect, make the meat evenly absorb and pickle, improve the strength of the meat and the elasticity of the product. Through the size type vacuum rolling machine produced by our manufacturer, the body protein can be decomposed into the water-soluble egg. White, easy to be absorbed by the body, the vacuum rolling machine has the function of lung breathing, so that the product expands in the roller, reduces the reciprocating movement, improves the structure of the meat tissue, and improves the efficiency of the cutting surface. Motor transmission, vacuum pump, electrical components are all well-known brands, applicable range [suitable for products: fish, meat, poultry, seafood, golden needle Ru). After the meat or chicken duck and other meat food enter the food processor, through the slow and soft tumbling of the equipment barrel, the meat is squeezed evenly, the release of salt-soluble protein in the meat block is accelerated, and the addition material (starch etc.) and the body protein can be dissolved together to achieve the tender meat quality and the good taste of the meat. The purpose of color and slicing is beautiful appearance and high production rate. Tender, natural and beautiful colors can greatly improve the production rate and enhance the advantages of high-grade vacuum roll kneading machine for meat products.

1. setting the rolling time

2. setting the intermittent rolling time

3. rolling continuously, rolling intermittently and reversing.

4. The electrical control is controlled by the waterproof computer.

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