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A Special Splendid Feast of Kebab

A Special Splendid Feast of Kebab A Special Splendid Feast of Kebab

On 24th 10, 2013, all of the Shinelong's colleagues went to our Middle East customer’s special Kebab restaurant led by our boss. Our boss wants us to deepen our understanding of products and the needs of other potential customers while tasting the delicious food. And that day also coincides with the 30th birthday of our Manager Deng, which makes this trip even more meaningful and memorable.

Entering the restaurant, a strong feeling of exoticness is upon you: the mysterious golden tulle decorated round arches, the great Gothic style fresco and the open kitchen let you clearly see the various characteristic Middle Eastern foods and the busy cooks.

colleague meeting

We tasted many delicious foods that are very famous in the Middle East in our customer's Kebab shop happily. Also, the fantastic peppermint black tea they prepared for us really moved us. After the meal, we sang a song to our manager and we had a big birthday cake together. Some friends from other countries even came and took photos with us as a way of giving their best wishes to our manager.

to our friendship

We are so grateful for the great invitation of our customers to his Kebab shop. We have such a happy meal together with each other and know more about the custom in the Middle East. We have the confidence to create more in the near future. Let's work hard together and shine long forever!
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