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A List of Necessary Equipment for a Coffee Shop

A List of Necessary Equipment for a Coffee Shop A List of Necessary Equipment for a Coffee Shop

The bar counter is one of the important places in the daily operation of the cafe, it is a branch of waterways and circuits, and it is also integrated with the wisdom of the designers. A good bar counter can be seen from three aspects: the first is the reasonable height and size, the second is convenient operation and service, and the third is strong storage and safety. The main process of bar design is summarized as follows, for reference only: 1. Rationally design the bar and configuration utensils according to the experience requirements; 2. Layout according to the size of the equipment, combined with the function and operation layout; 3. According to the characteristics of the hydropower, the regional characteristics of the production of the products are divided. 4. To make a beautiful display structure according to the coffee equipment ; 5. According to the sales products, layout the convenience of experience and sales. A list of necessary equipment for a cafe shop One, the mill system: one mill, a large flat brush, and two professional cleaning brushes for the mill Two, water purification system: a coffee shop with a water purifier and a soft water device Three, the coffee machine's system: a coffee machines, a pressure powder, two thermometers for coffee, a 1000 ml cup of coffee,  600 ml cup of coffee, two 350 ml cups of coffee,  two  450 ml manual double bubble pot, 4 pieces coffee glass cup of1.5 ounces , a coffee grounds , blunt head special cooking a long-handled brush, a blunt boiled hand cleaning brush, boiler cleaning tablets, blunt boiled head recoil powder (barrel) an adjustable adjustable wrench , a long screwdriver, a knife. Five, a sink & a cleaning tank A tap water faucet, a pure tap, an electric cup brush, an amway detergent jar and a hand lotion bottle Six. Refrigeration equipment One ice cabinet, one 60kg ice maker, one ice cream cabinet, one cake fresh-keeping cabinet Seven. Beverage equipment One set of numerical control continuous water heater, two sets of ice sanding machines and some drinks heat preservation buckets

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